By now we've all heard that sitting is the new smoking, but staying active at work is easier said than done in most offices. After all, what can you do when you're chained to your desk for 40 hours a week? The answer is that there's a lot you can do, and these are just a few of the tools that can help.


Work at an Adjustable Height Desk

Ask your employer for a standing or adjustable height desk so that you can easily alternate between sitting and standing without having to leave your workspace. Although it may be an investment upfront, it's a smart one as switching between sitting and standing throughout the day can help prevent serious health issues in the long term and will also help employees stay more productive on a day-to-day basis. If your employer can't afford to switch out every desk for a brand new adjustable height option, there are plenty of monitor mounts that adjust in height that are more affordable and can be simply clipped onto your existing desk.

adjustable height desks

Add an Active Chair

Active seating, including leaning stools and ball chairs, allow you to fidget and move while in a seated position. Studies have shown that fidgeting throughout the work day can have more health benefits than you might think, so encouraging that movement only makes sense. Leaning stools and ball chairs force the user to use their core strength to balance the seats, making them ideal for promoting an active working style.

active seating

Bring in a Wobble Board

If you have the luxury of standing while at work, go the extra mile by bringing a wobble board to the office. Standing at a wobble board will help you use your core strength in a similar way as the active seating options listed above. Plus, they take some of the pressure off your feet while allowing you to burn off a little energy.

wobble boards

Need help finding active working options for your workspace? Call our furniture experts today at (800) 558-1010 and we'll be happy to help you get moving!


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