What is active seating? Active seating allows you to move around while sitting. While you may have heard that sitting is the new smoking, you may not know that extended periods of standing also have negative health effects. To combat this, we recommend keeping at least one type of active chair or stool at your desk to sit at when you aren’t standing or relaxing at work. Below you'll find some of the most popular types of active seating available. 

Leaning Stools

A leaning stool or perch stool is a stool seat on a long, pole-like base that forces the user to lean back and shift his or her weight back and forth to maintain a stable seated position. We recommend using a stabilizing footrest along with your leaning stool to prevent your feet from sliding while you lean. Some options even come with a built-in anti-fatigue mat for optimal comfort. Tall or short? No need to worry. All leaning stools come with an integrated seat height adjustment, so you'll be able to find your ideal seated position with a flick of your wrist.

Balancing Stools

Like leaning stools, balancing stools consist of a height-adjustable seat that points straight up like a standard stool. The difference? Balancing stools sit atop a wobbling base, forcing the user to shift his or her weight to sit upright. The flexible base allows the user to adjust the angle of the seat any which way, allowing for an active sitting experience that promotes fidgeting and a greater range of motion while seated. Like leaning stools, balancing stools are available in an assortment of upholstery types, including fabric and faux leather.

Ball Chairs

Possibly the most well-known product on this list, the ball chair allows users to bounce and lean while they sit. These balls have been used as chairs for years already, but if your exercise ball is always bouncing away from your desk, you may want to go for an option specifically designed for use in an office setting. For example. the Zenergy ball chair by Safco has 4 legs and feet that keep the unit in place at your desk so you can bounce with freedom while you work.

Kneeling Chairs

A kneeling chair may look challenging, but this ergonomic seating option is designed to encourage proper posture. The position of the seat and knee pads forces your body into a forward position, causing you to have to balance to sit up straight. Kneeling chairs have been known to reduce the pressure from long-term sitting, allowing your diaphragm to move efficiently, thereby promoting better breathing and blood circulation.



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