Earth Day was first introduced by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson to encourage and strengthen environmental activism. Today, Earth Day is recognized nationwide as a day to take time out of our busy schedules to appreciate the power of nature and maybe even do some activism of our own. Many will argue that Earth Day should be every day; that we should always be aware of our carbon footprint and make efforts to continuously conserve what our planet provides. 


At NBF, we agree that sustainable, earth-friendly business practices should be part of everyday work life. We believe that, when done right, Earth Day stands as a reminder for how we should be continuously striving toward eco-friendly practices and goals. Here are a few ways your company can inspire and encourage all employees to do just that.


Teach a lesson. Host an environmentally-conscious speaker and participate in an educational forum. These forums are great for supplying a line of open communication, reliable advice and applicable information.


Start a green initiative. Just what initiative you start will depend on what type of services you’re providing or products you’re selling. The more related your initiative is to your actual day-to-day work, the better. It can even be a small practice such as pledging as a whole company to use less paper and conserve more energy. Whatever it may be, include everyone, and encourage a high level of teamwork for all of your company’s sustainability goals.


Show recognition. Maybe your company already has a green initiative in place. If this is the case, Earth Day is a great time to show appreciation and to reward those who have worked hard to improve the sustainability efforts in the business.


Volunteer cleanup events. Partner with another business or group and give your employees the option of volunteering for a few hours or for the whole work day. This is a great way to show your commitment while also rewarding employees with paid time to volunteer for a worthy cause.


Recycle and reuse drives. From books to clothes, encourage employees to bring in unused items for donation. Pick a cause for donations to go to. In exchange for donation, provide a reward. This reward could fit with a program already in place at your office, or it could be something as simple as a pizza lunch on the company’s tab.


Random acts of green. Encourage your employees to act on their own by sharing some information through a quick email about various green programs they can individually participate in. One million acts of green or random acts of green are two movements that are great to share and offer low pressure, quick ways to get involved.


Give out seeds. It’s a classic gesture associated with Earth Day and one that most will still appreciate. Handing out plant seeds is fun for everyone involved, and it still offers a way for us to celebrate Earth Day by bringing more plant life into the world.



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