The Procrastinator motto is “I’ll get to it later”. If you fall into this well-meaning clutter personality, you always have someplace to go or something more important to do. This of course means that organizing your workspace gets constantly shuffled off until tomorrow. The problem? Tomorrow is just as busy, and the mess continues to build. If this sounds like you, keep reading to discover solutions for clearing your office clutter.


Choose the Right Furniture

The right furniture is key for Procrastinator personalities. We recommend selecting office furniture with open shelving and cabinets that are highly visual. This solution will enable you to sort and file on the fly without having to dedicate much time to it. Keeping things close will be the key to success for people with this clutter personality, so utilizing nearby open shelving is important. 


Utilize Desk Top Organizers

Similar to furniture with the right storage, an easily accessible desk top organizer will be a tool for success for Procrastinator. Desk top organizers come in a huge range of sizes and styles, enabling you to choose the configuration that best works for your desk. You’ll even find wall mountable organizers that save valuable desk top space.


Pile It Up Right

For Procrastinators, action is the key to getting things moving, and quick, visible solutions demonstrate that progress is being made. Using your office furniture or desk top organizer, organize piles by what you touch daily, weekly and yearly. Put items used daily closest to you on your desk, items used weekly a little farther away, possibly in a nearby drawer, and items used yearly somewhere accessible but not visible or necessarily close by.


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