Driven by the need to store things away, individuals with “Hider” personalities like the idea of order but struggle with “editing” their collections of stuff. The Hider believes that any drawer or bin will do nicely, but these drawers are typically unorganized and stuffed to the brim. The Hider motto? “If you can’t see it, there’s not a problem.” If you think you might be a Hider, keep on reading to discover clutter solutions that may work for you.


Find the Right Storage Solutions 

The right storage can make a world of difference. If you’re a Hider, you need solutions that won’t allow you to overstuff and underorganize your drawer space. Look for opaque and enclosed storage solutions, such as file wallets and pockets. These solutions will force you to choose a specific place for every item, ensuring it won’t all get crammed in together.


Subdivide Your Drawers

Accept it—you need drawer dividers! Drawer dividers are an excellent tool for helping you sort out our junk drawers without really having to think about it. When you separate your drawers into smaller, more manageable sections, you make it easier for your brain to put everything in its right place, thus reducing the instances of tossing any old thing in any old place. 


Utilize Glides and Classification Folders

Don’t forget that paperwork! Jamming every piece of paper into a single folder is not conducive to helping yourself find a specific document later. Use glides or classification folders to keep your hiding places better organized.


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