Are you an Overthinker? Overthinkers tend to be perfectionists who always have a vision of how to reduce clutter but have a hard time getting started. Internally, they’re shouting, “It’s overwhelming! Where do I start?!” If this sounds like you, keep on reading to learn solutions to your overthinking clutter roadblocks.


Take Baby Steps

It can be easy to overwhelm yourself when you’re looking at that big picture. Don't try to fix your whole office at once. Instead, start with what’s directly in front of you-- your desk top. Once that’s cleared off, move to a file cabinet or drawer. Tackling your mess one step at a time will make the work appear more manageable, which will enable you to get it done without feeling overburdened.



Overthinkers need to remember the 80-20 rule—80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the causes. That means you are likely only using 20 percent of those office supplies and papers, so you can eliminate the other 80 percent. Rather than keeping paperwork in 30 different files, consolidate into similar groupings so that you have fewer places to look for your belongings. 


Keep it Simple

Avoid over-sorting. Although you might think that having a highly curated folder and drawer divider system is helpful, too much organization can be a hindrance and will actually cause a lack thereof for Overthinkers. Simplify your space by utilizing only a few folder files and sectioning off drawers minimally. This will make finding necessities a much quicker and easier process, causing your less stress in the long run.


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