Whether it's a new build, quick refresh, or thorough renovation, make sure your training room is up to COIVD-19 safety standards with our thorough guides to securing your space.

A Safe Return: Training Room Return to Work Guide

Reimagining the Workplace: Training Room Layouts


These central places for education and innovation can look an awful lot like conference rooms, however their key differences make them an integral part in a workplace's ecosystem. Create a flexible and functional training space with the right furniture and tech to empower every employee.

High Tech Training

Like the jobs that accompany the training, these sessions have become fairly high-tech in recent years. Ensure that your training room is outfitted with the right technology, including projectors, video cameras, screens, and tablets to supplement learning. Provide plenty of access to power to keep your tech fully-charged and ready to go.

A Movable Place

From size to scope to configuration and everywhere in-between, its possible that no two trainings look the same. Choose movable, mobile tables and chairs to ensure that the room's configuration can be changed and scaled to fit the program.

Supply Storage

Whether it's protecting the aforementioned tech or keeping office supplies tidy, a storage cabinet or simple credenza provides concealed compartments to make sure the environment is clean and uncluttered during occupied hours.

Out-of-the-Way Options

When your training room needs added floor space or not every table is filled, use nesting flip-top tables and coordinating nesting chairs to store overflow furniture without taking up too much real estate.

Teacher Tools

Ensure that session leaders aren't left out to dry by providing a podium, desk, or cart to store instructors' supplies. These can be static fixtures or mobile options that are tech-ready for use with screens or speakers.

Trainee Amenities

Attendees may come with extra materials or personal belongings that need to be stored somewhere. If your space isn't located near a coat closet, choose chairs that has under-seat storage or add hooks beneath training tabletops to hold purses or backpacks.


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