Small Space Solutions With Serious Style

Where you work is as unique to you as how you work. Sometimes, you might be stuck working with less real estate than your ideal. These unique layouts pose interesting challenges with creative solutions that need a little extra thought, careful planning, and a selection of furniture that can make the most out of any situation.

Our Brite collection is a mainstay in the modern, minimalist, and flexible home office. With a wide variety of desk sizes and storage types, it's easy to mix and match pieces to optimize your environment. ach piece features superior quality at an affordable price point, allowing you to pair multiple selections from Brite to highlight the qualities of your home.  

The Double-Duty Desk

Brite Collection table desk set with digital music equipment shown at an angle  Brite Collection table desk set with digital music equipment shown straight on    

It's not fair to have to choose between work and play when you're short on space. Instead, find a furniture setup that does both, like the Brite Compact Home Office Set. When building a double-duty space, select furniture that can be assigned a purpose or, for some items, a dual purpose. For the most part, make sure your desktop has enough room to accommodate both your workday mainstays without needing to do much when the day is done. Use storage pieces to keep your intentions separated, dedicating one rolling pedestal to workday supplies and the other to the tools of the trade for whatever you're passionate about.

The Two-for-One Special

Brite Collection two-person desk setup shown at an angle  Brite Collection two-person desk setup shown at a wide angle

Working from home might mean you have coworkers who don't even work at your company. For home offices with 2 or more people, blend form and function with coordinating desking tailored to each person's individual needs. Expansive collections offer a wealth of design options that differ in height, width, configuration, and even tech-ready details, such as wireless chargers or cable management. Let each person pick the right fit for their needs while still adhering to a beautiful design scheme, right down to coordinating seating with the same patterns on different pieces.

The Angular Approach

Brite Collection two desk set in an angular room shown at a wide angle   Brite Collection two desk set in an angular room shown at an angle

Many renovated flats, urban apartments, and quirky old houses have curious bonus areas that embrace difficult-to-use spaces. When your main rooms are occupied, it’s great to take advantage of these attics, enclaves, and under-the-stairs escapes. Sometimes you'll need to split your workspace to work within these difficult layouts, opting for multiple desks that are close within reach but not quite together. Fill in the gaps with décor or open-air storage to keep the area from getting overwhelmingly cramped while still giving it a sense of style.

The Cozy Corner

Brite Collection standing desk set shown in a living room  Brite Collection standing desk set in a living room shown at a low angle

A sliver of the living room or a corner of the dining nook might be your best bet for a work-from-home workspace. While you might share space with a completely different purpose, the need for a focus-friendly setup remains. Choose a desk with built-in storage so your workday musts can all be concentrated in one space, eliminating the need to interact with the world around it and risk becoming distracted. A standing-height desk can also offer flexibility and comfort, especially when paired with a stool that's just the right height for a quick rest.

The Simple Setup

Brite Collection table desk set in a modern industrial lounge space  Brite Collection table desk set in a modern industrial room shown zoomed in

There's something special about a reliable, standard-height desk with enough space to sprawl out. The Brite Desk, Bookshelf, and Active Ottoman Home Office Set features a 48" wide table desk that gives you enough room to keep your workday musts neatly organized on the tabletop without risking cramping. Embrace open-air supply storage that makes it easy to integrate décor alongside a box or two to keep small supplies at bay. This is a great opportunity to take a chance with your seating, opting for a standard-height ottoman with storage and a rounded base that encourages wobbling while you work to avoid excess fidgeting.


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