If you work in an office, you probably have the type of job that requires a lot of focus and independent work. The problem? Productivity killers are everywhere, and overcoming them is usually easier said than done. Take a look at these top productivity killers and what you can do to fight them.



Despite giving the illusion of double productivity, multitasking minimizes the amount of work an individual can get done by divvying up the person’s focus between multiple projects at once. The solution? Focus on one project at a time. Dedicating your full attention to completing one project before moving on to the next will allow you to produce better work both in quality and quantity.


Checking Email throughout the Day

If you’re checking your email every few minutes, you’re wasting valuable time. Do yourself a favor and schedule a few times a day to read emails. We recommend once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once before you leave for the day. You may also want to turn off email notification pop-ups so that you aren’t being constantly interrupted by distracting notifications all day.


Mobile Devices

Keeping your cell phone next to you while you work is an invitation for constant distraction. Between social media, personal email and a myriad of distracting websites, there is way too much potential for you to get sidetracked by constantly checking your phone. To combat the urge to look at your personal cell phone, keep it in a drawer or wardrobe cabinet while you’re working and only check it at certain times during the day, much like your work email.



Confucius once said, “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without”. That is of course to say that something that is “perfect” is not always better. Rather than wasting extra time trying to make your work completely flawless, focus on making it good and then move on to the next project. That is not to say you shouldn’t put a lot of thought and care into everything you do, but just don’t go overboard lest it become a time waster.


Sitting All Day

Sitting in an office chair for forty hours a week is detrimental to your health, and it won’t take long for you to start feeling it in your neck and back. Where there’s physical pain, there’s mental fatigue, and you’ll start to notice your productivity decrease if you’re sitting in the same slouched position all day long. To combat the negative side effects of sitting all day, every day, equip your workspace with a standing height desk. Having the ability to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day will keep you physically sound and mentally alert, allowing you to produce better work.


Going to Too Many Meetings

If you’re in back-to-back meetings all day, every day, how are you supposed to have time to get any work done? Learn to simply say ‘no’. Cut down on the number of meetings you’re going to by only attending those that are totally essential.


Noise Pollution

Noise distractions are one of the most common productivity killers, especially in an open concept workspace. Cut out the distractions around you by utilizing room dividers and sound-absorbing wall tiles. If you don’t have access to physical barriers such as these, try using headphones to drown out the sounds around you.


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