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Out in the Open or Hidden in Plain Sight

Today's trending storage solutions go beyond bulky lateral files, tall cabinets, and all-drawer credenzas. Open-ended bookshelves, breathy hutches, and sprawling desktops provide refreshing visuals while providing the space you need to keep supplies in sight. These days, a great bookshelf is just as much of an office decor centerpiece as it is a utility, making it an easy way to improve organization and style at the same time.

  • For books, binders, and other stackables, choose an organizational scheme that's the right mix of intuition and vision. Keeping like-with-like or an alphabetical order makes it easy to find what you're looking for, but sometimes it's a bit more fun to create a gradient, organize by height, or add a little bit of whimsy with both vertical and horizontal looks.
  • Even small supplies can find their home on bookshelves or open hutches. Small, medium, and large bins can make their way onto any shelf, providing a bit of privacy for items that aren't quite decorative or tidy. Neutral bins with easy-to-read outside labels are currently trending and a mix of mesh and solid options can be visually appealing with optional visibility.
  • Mix it up with pieces that combine open and concealed storage. Some bookshelves have a mix of wide-open shelves and closed doors while others mix open cubbies with lateral files. Hutches, credenzas, and wall-mounted storage has evolved to bring décor and more into the open, so choose the right combination that works for your space and style.

Open Up Your Organizational Style


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