Furniture should match the needs of the person (or people) using it, and there are countless ways to use and style the same desk. Here are 3 ways our customers have styled our versatile NBF Signature Series At Work l-shaped desks.

Open Concept Workspace

In this configuration, multiple l-shaped desks are placed against one another to create a multiuser workstation where each employee gets his or her own desk space, but everyone is still close enough to collaborate when necessary. Just throw an At Work mobile filing cabinet under each desk, and you’re good to go!

one desk three ways

Private Office

The boss’s office is equipped with a larger version of the l-shaped desk that provides more pull-up space for employees to use during impromptu meetings. A lateral file is used in place of the mobile pedestal so that more files can be stored nearby.

gray wood furniture

Home Office

A smaller At Work l-shaped desk makes a great addition to a home office. The design means it can be placed neatly into a corner, allowing it to provide plenty of work surface without taking up much floor space. The l-shaped desk pictured in this office features At Work’s Warm Ash color, which is light and bright against a dark blue accent wall.

gray wood furniture

Want to share how you style your At Work l-shaped desk or any other NBF furniture? Upload a photo of your workspace to Instagram using the hashtag #MyNBFStyle.


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