Whether you’ve just bought a brand new bookcase or think your old one could use some sprucing up, styling your office’s shelving unit in the right way can make a world of difference to the overall look of the space. Not only is properly styling your bookcases an easy solution to improving the look of a room, but it’s inexpensive since you don’t need to buy anything to accomplish it.


bookcase styling


1. Accentuate Your Books With Décor

Whether it’s a decorative bowl, a sculpture, or a plant, adding something other than a book to your shelves will shake things up and really draw in the eye at a glance. You can add items to the sides of your books or put them front and center. 

2. Layer Your Books

This isn’t a university library—it’s YOUR library. The overall look of your bookcase will be more interesting if you place some books vertically and others horizontally. You can put some on a diagonal to mix it up even more. 

3. Arrange Your Books by Color

Alphabetization may make your reading materials easy to find, but it’s not as visually exciting as organizing your books by color. Plus, unless you have a truly enormous collection, chances are good that you’ll still be able to find the book you’re looking for pretty easily in this arrangement. Want to go a step further? Color code your bookshelf décor, too! 

4. Incorporate Artwork

Whether placed atop the shelves or hung on the sides of the bookcase, artwork will help set the tone in your office. You can also incorporate large wall art to the side of your shelving to offset the look of your filled-up shelves with a large, clean statement piece.

5. Face Out Your Favorite Covers

Don’t let your favorite reading material blend in with the average ones. Instead, let your best books shine by facing them outward.


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