Healthcare Furniture and Accessories That Support Telemedicine

The remote diagnosis and treatment of patients using telecommunication technology, otherwise known as telemedicine, has grown rapidly in popularity over the last several years and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Telemedicine is most commonly used in pharmacies wherein patients call with questions regarding their prescriptions. However, the practice is also gaining popularity in primary care as patients use telemedicine for routine consultations with doctors, chronic care issues, and quick and easy healthcare questions. 

Not only does telemedicine save time for both healthcare provider and patient, but it also saves the patient money as the cost of telecommunicating with a healthcare provider is almost always less than coming into the office and often even free. If your facility plans to implement telemedicine practices, ensure you have these tools for success.

Computer Carts

The nature of telemedicine often requires healthcare providers to be able to move about a space freely. Computer carts can make this easier, and many are designed specifically to accommodate the needs of medical professionals. These versatile pieces of furniture are heavy-duty and have expanded functions, including keyboard trays, lockable casters, and built-in battery packs that keep laptops charged all day. You’ll even find carts that lock laptops in place for stability and security.

AV Accessories

Like laptop carts, certain AV accessories will be necessary for healthcare professionals working with telecommunicating patients. Keyboard trays, CPU holders, and power and data ports are small but important features needed to keep things running smoothly. In addition, you’ll want to equip the space with a laptop charging cart that will keep computers charged when in use and safe and secure when not.

Standing Desks and Monitor Stands

Standing desks help medical professionals transition between helping patients in person and assisting with patient healthcare needs remotely. If you don’t want to or aren’t able to add a standing or adjustable-height desk to your facility, consider adjustable monitor stands that can be attached to any existing workspace.


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