If you’ve recently moved into a new office building, you’re likely to have a lot of large, open spaces that you’ll now need to somehow divide into areas that will create a good flow and accommodate specific uses. So how do you do it without building new walls? The right furniture can help.


Partitions are excellent tools for creating a sense of privacy for employees who need it. Many sizes and styles are available, and many options, including those with a whiteboard surface, are mobile for easy transport. Panel systems are cost-effective, and their temporary-use design makes it easy for you to switch up the office layout whenever the need arises.


Not everyone wants to chat with co-workers over their lunch break, and providing a peaceful reprieve can be essential for helping employees recover from a busy morning. Try adding private alcoves in your lunchroom so that employees may choose to get a little time to themselves if they choose. Many offices provide a separate quiet room or library for employees who want some peace and quiet.

Meeting Spaces

Don’t have enough designated formal conference rooms? No problem. You can create the illusion of a room without any visual barriers at all. Simply add a standing-height table or a collection of soft seating to a common area near your employee workstations, and you’ve got yourself a great impromptu meeting space. This is a great solution for teams with many ideas that need to be shared on the fly. Thoughtfully placed seating can also help break up a waiting room, as it clearly directs guests where to go as soon as they enter the room.

Waiting Rooms

Speaking of waiting rooms, seating isn’t the only thing that can help divide a reception area. Certain pieces of décor can help to create a visual separation of space. In particular, a well-placed area rug can help define one area from another, creating a good balance while directing guests where to go.


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