Looking for a stylish and cost-effective way to divide your large workspace? The time of the closed-off executive office is ending; open-office floor plans have become more popular. Unfortunately, not everyone thrives in an open-plan work environment. So how do you divvy up floor space without building permanent walls? Here are a few simple and cost-effective solutions.

Modern Partitions

Partitions and room dividers are ideal for breaking up an open concept space. There are many options, including modern stand-alone room dividers. Don’t see the color or design you want on our website? No problem. You can place a custom order in the color, shape, and size you need. These stylish partitions are ideal for offices of any size, and they’re great for directing the flow of a room and creating a sense of organization. Read our complete guide to partitions, cubicles, and dividers to learn more.

Bookcase Dividers

Did you know that there are double-sided bookcases that can be used as room dividers? The biggest benefit to this type of room divider is that it has built-in storage units on both sides that can work to your employees’ advantage. 

Place these bookshelves between workstations to give employees a little privacy while providing both parties access to the storage within the shelves. Although these units offer excellent utility in their design, they are best suited for larger offices when used as dividers since they are so wide and require extra floor space. These shelving units are also ideal for use in reception areas, as they’re great for displaying company awards and décor to guests.

Mobile Whiteboards

Mobile whiteboards offer superior practicality and versatility as a room separator. They can be used to separate a space and then reused at a workstation or in a conference room for taking notes. Because this type of divider is on wheels, it isn’t confined to a single purpose. Employees can use it to get a little privacy at their desk and then roll it into the boardroom during their next presentation. These multifunctional, cost-effective boards come in a wide range of sizes, just like traditional partitions. 

Consider whether you need to muffle sound in your office space. Although mobile whiteboards provide great flexibility in some ways, they do not block out any sound, which may be a concern.

Workstation Privacy Screens

Looking to add more privacy to the existing cubicles in your office? We offer a selection of small screens that attach to the desks in your office. These cost-effective solutions allow your employees to get their work done in private without breaking your budget. Why buy an entirely new set of desks when you can simply add to your existing furniture?

Thinking of adding one of these divider options to your open workspace? Whether dividing multiple workstations or separating an office and a meeting space, thoroughly measure your entire workspace to determine what size partitions or bookcases you need to adequately divvy up the area. If you’re unsure what size dividers go with what size rooms and desks, call us—we offer free design services for just such reasons! Whatever your needs, our consultants can work with you to design exactly what you want for your space.


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