16 Super Simple Upgrades for Your Home Office

The happier you are with your workspace, the happier you will be during your workday. An exciting, energizing workspace is easier to attain at home where you have fewer rules on office décor and can be ambitious with your aesthetic. Here are a few simple, affordable, and fast upgrades you can make to immediately adore your home office.

1. Go One by One

If you don't have the money for a costly home office overhaul, start by gathering inspiration for your finished look and work a timeline into your monthly budget. It's quite costly to get an entire new office furniture suite, but saving up to buy a chair, a pedestal, a desk, etc., can be just as rewarding.

2. Define Day and Night Vibes

If you're using a workspace that shares a room with your bedroom or another often-used space, find ways to differentiate how the room feels during the workday and after it ends. Use an essential oil diffuser to have a "workday" scent for just those working hours, or put hue-changing bulbs on a timer to make sure there's a shift in tone after your work shift ends.

3. Whistle While You Work

If you're the type of person with a workday soundtrack or a penchant for podcasts, think about stepping up your room's audio system for something a little stronger. If you're trying to stay quiet for others around you, a nice pair of headphones can be both noise-canceling and a welcome increase in quality for your tunes or otherwise.

4. Go Green

Fresh foliage can instantly bring your workspace to life! Be sure to pick out plants that match your indoor gardening skill level, amount of sunlight, and climate to make sure that you and your plants will both stay happy.

5. Feel Good, Look Good

When picking out an upgrade, remember the place ergonomics plays in the modern workday. Go for style alongside substance as you choose chairs in particular. The prettier the piece, the less equipped it might be—especially at a lower price point. Splurge on items that help with your posture to get an attractive look with a lot of comfort.

6. Change-Ready Customizations

If you're always ready to hop on a trend, choose easy-to-customize items with replaceable components that don't require buying an entirely new piece. This can be as simple as a slipcover for an accent couch, removable contact paper on your desktop, or a swappable rug topper that adds easy machine washability as well.

7. Love Your Lighting

It's already difficult to enjoy the ambient lighting of a shared office, especially at a larger corporate headquarters, with outdated overhead lighting. At home, small desk lamps, task lighting, standing lamps, and other relaxing ambient setups can make your workday shine, especially if you don't have a lot of natural light in the room.

8. The Sky Is the Limit

Taking advantage of underutilized vertical space is a quick way to add storage and décor. Floating shelves, a tall bookcase, or a corner unit can take advantage of this oft-ignored real estate. You can even use a series of small baskets to add concealed storage for small supplies.

9. Make It Make Scents

Curate fragrances that complement your space and enhance your workday. Bright, energetic citruses and light florals are energy-building options. Stay away from heavy, sleepy smells and overpowering aromas.

10. Do Double-Duty

If you have a dedicated workspace, consider its utility and whether or not it can do double-duty with another area. On the off-hours, a home office can be shared with a middle or high school child to be used as a homework hub, outfitted with a separate workspace for arts and crafts projects, or made into a makeshift music space for instrument enthusiasts to practice within. The options are endless.

11. Switch It Up

Add a second "workspace" to your home office so you can quickly and temporarily work from another peaceful locale. This can be as quick and easy as a C-shaped pull-up table over a lounge chair or a lap desk that can go with you to another area of the house.

12. New Pens, New Stuff

The home office isn't bound by what the office admin ordered for the supply closet. Every staple supply—even staplers—comes in a variety of fun colors and finishes. A sleek new pen cup, desktop organizer, and all the accouterments can give you a new vibe without a big commitment.

13. Like, Really New Pens

It might be a strange take, but fountain pens are are old-school pens with new-school style. Fun inks, colors, wacky designs, and personal flair make shopping for pens an adventure and opens up a community of people who are big fans of this esoteric office supply.

14. Do the Trend; Use the #Inspo

It may seem impulsive to follow a trend you saw on TikTok or Instagram, but these fleeting ideas are often the work of inherently creative people who aren't paid experts. Lean into this easy advice, and don't be afraid to ask influencers or creators questions.

15. Gone Fishing

Bringing an office buddy to your workday is a quick but committed pick-me-up. Even the common goldfish or single betta fish require more care than a simple fishbowl, so consider proper care before deciding if this idea is for you.

16. Try, Try Again

Sometimes you'll try a strategy and just won't like it. Don't be afraid to tear it down and start again if you're not in love with your changes. These are all simple tips, designed to be easy and more affordable than a large overhaul.



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