Large or small, training rooms need to have extra seating options nearby for the occasions when conferences need to house more people than usual. The problem? Storing additional chairs can be daunting since they can take up a lot of physical space in a room. Due to space constraints, many offices choose to simply not offer extra chairs for their training spaces, which can lead to standing-room-only situations in large conferences.


Problem: We need extra seating on hand for our business’s training room, but we don’t have much room for storing additional chairs.


Solution: Nesting chairs provide additional seating without taking up as much physical space as traditional guest chairs.


Nesting chairs like the NBF Signature Series Nex nesting chairs feature seats that flip up, allowing multiple chairs to be “nested” into each other for easy transport and storage. This type of seating allows more chairs to fit into a storage closet or spare room so that businesses can easily accommodate training sessions with more attendees.


Nesting chairs come in a huge range of styles and sizes to suit whatever your company’s needs may be. From armless options to those with a tablet arm, nesting chairs are smart choices for extra training and conference room seating.


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