Whether you've just moved to a new location or are making rapid increases to your company's staff, incorporating entire cubicles into an office in a fast and affordable manner is easier said than done. Each employee needs his or her own workstation, but with the high cost of most commercial grade furniture, it can be difficult to provide a complete work surface, storage unit, filing cabinet and privacy partitions without having to wait for an installer or paying a pretty penny to get the work done quickly. The solution? Meet the Officient Reveal Instant Office.



One of the most challenging elements of buying commercial office furniture is setting it all up. In most cases, cubicles and panel systems are set up by a professional installer due to the complexity with which they must be configured. Fortunately for you, that is not the case with the Reveal Instant Office. These easy-to-assemble complete workstations are a breeze for just about anyone to have out of the box and ready for work in a matter of minutes, and we provide all of the assembly instructions right here on our website. Spend less time assembling furniture and more time producing a job well done!



Another primary concern, the cost of commercial grade furnishings is no small beast to tame, and these costs can be especially intimidating for small businesses that want quality product but can't quite afford the furniture that multi-million dollar corporations can. Fortunately, the Reveal Instant Office collection provides complete workstation sets that include everything an employee needs at just a fraction of the cost of most panel systems and office sets.



Of course, what's furniture without giving your business the professional look it needs to make an impression? The Reveal collection features mahogany laminate surfaces with silver metal framework and drawer pulls that beautifully complement neutral gray panels. Together they create an eye-catching look that's sleek and contemporary—just right for the modern office.


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