If you’re working on a tight budget or in a small office, having versatile furniture is key. Fortunately, more and more office furniture is designed with multiple purposes in mind. Tables may seem like a basic piece of office furniture, but that simplicity makes them very adaptable. Consider the many ways you can use a simple table with these tips.

As a Desk 

Just because it doesn’t have any drawers or storage compartments doesn’t mean a table can’t make a great desk. Simply equip your space with a mobile pedestal filing cabinet, and voilà! Most offices that incorporate a table desk pair it with a credenza placed against the wall to accommodate more storage and a desktop computer.

As a Conference Table

You can use that same desk as a conference table simply by clearing off the surface and pulling some chairs around it. We recommend using nesting or stacking chairs as they can be kept in the corner of the office without taking up much room. Remember, the length of the table measured in feet is usually the number of people who can be comfortably seated around it—a 6-foot-long table accommodates 6 individuals at once.

As a Breakroom Table 

When it comes to selecting a table for your company’s lunchroom, your top priority should be finding an option that is hygienic and easy to clean. Remember, people are going to be eating off these surfaces. A table desk with a laminate surface is a great choice for use in a breakroom. Not only is laminate a low-maintenance option, but it’s also highly resistant to scratches and stains, which is a must for long-lasting use in a high-traffic lunchroom.

Although you may not want to use a single table for all 3 of these purposes, it’s easy to use one table in 2 or 3 of the ways listed above. It’s also beneficial to know what table can work in every room in your office if you value a neat, cohesive look throughout the building.



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