Exciting things are happening at the NBF corporate headquarters, as we’re all preparing to leave the building we’ve worked in for the last several years in order to move to a new location nearby. As our company grows, so grows our need for more employees and more office space, and we’re all excited to be transitioning to a building that can accommodate that growth. Since we’re in the process of moving to our new building, what better time to share some of our tried and true tips for moving to a new office? Here’s what we recommend.


Lighten your load. Empty out your desk drawers, bookcases and storage cabinets before you move them. While it may be tempting to leave all of your belongings in their rightful place to minimize the number of trips you will need to take from the moving truck to the office, it is a thrown-out back waiting to happen. Save the strain on your body by emptying your furniture and placing the contents into boxes. Although it may mean making a couple of extra trips back and forth, your body will thank you for it. Plus, there are usually co-workers who are more than willing to help you get your belongings from point A to point B if you ask! To make moving these larger furniture pieces even easier, invest in a dolly that you can set large furniture on and then push and pull freely.


Stack wisely. When stacking multiple items on a hand truck or dolly, start with the heaviest items on the bottom. Keeping lighter items on the top will help to evenly distribute the weight so that your belongings don’t fall off the dolly. Not only will this save you the headache of things toppling over and onto the floor during transport, but it will also help prevent damage to the items themselves.


Protect your furniture. Speaking of damage, make sure you take measures to keep your furniture safe during transit! Furniture can cost a pretty penny, so it’s important to preserve it during the moving process as best as you can. Using the right moving equipment makes a huge difference when it comes to protecting filing cabinet corners and desk siding. Carpeted square dollies are padded to eliminate a great deal of the scratches and dings that often pop up during a big move.


Stay organized. Proper organization is the key to a successful and stress-free move, so be sure to keep your furniture and other office essentials well organized before, during and after the big move. Come up with a plan as to where in the new building you will put all of your furniture and other items if there isn’t already a designated space for them. No one wants to deal with clutter in a new space. If just the thought of moving gives you gray hairs and a headache, don’t worry. There’s no need to feel stressed when you take the proper measures to make your move easy and safe.


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