Looking for an office desk built for 2? No matter if you and your spouse want to work in your home office together or you need to save space in your small business any way you can, an office desk for 2 is an ideal option. Below you'll find some of our best-selling T-shaped desks and dual workstations that will help you maximize your space while allowing every employee to work comfortably. Browse our full selection of collaborative office furniture for a broader look and everything we have to offer.

NBF Signature Series Element Benching Series

This benching solution is jam-packed with endless configurations to provide you with the exact solution you need in your open concept office. The NBF Signature Series Element collection can be set up in a side-by-side or a back-to-back configuration to accommodate two employees in a compact space. Just tack on whatever storage and filing solutions you need to create a space-saving solution fit for the whole office.  

NBF Signature Series At Work Collaborative Workstation

The At Work collection includes table desks and a standing-height desk that can be added to the space to foster a sense of collaboration between employees. The At Work collection is our all-time best-selling line for 3 reasons—style, value, and modularity. Add as many At Work pieces as your space requires to create an office everyone will love.


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