Purchasing new furniture for a healthcare facility comes with many more considerations than furnishing a standard business office. Not only does medical furniture need to look great and feel comfortable, but it must also be able to stand up to the rigorous cleaning regimens that healthcare institutes are required to abide by daily. That's why NBF is proud to offer a new website function that's designed to make the buying process easier for healthcare furniture buyers at the start of their search. Introducing: shop by cleaner.


Make Better Decisions Up Front

The biggest concern we hear from our healthcare customers regards how quickly textiles degrade over time. When a chair cracks or rips it can't be simply sewn back up or left alone. In a medical environment, the product must be completely replaced to prevent the spread of germs and unwanted pathogens. As you might imagine, having to replace furniture again and again over a short period of time can become an expensive task, so most buyers of healthcare products do their best to find chairs and exam tables that can withstand the main cause of textile degradation—the use of harsh, healthcare-grade cleaners. Hospitals and other health offices don't usually have an option for what type of solution they're able to use in their daily cleaning routine, so knowing that the upholstery of a chair will be able to stand up to harsh chemicals such as bleach and alcohol is the key to selecting furniture that will last.


Choose from Three Types of Healthcare-Grade Cleaners

Within the filter by cleaner section of our website, you can choose from three different cleaning solution options—alcohol-based cleaners, bleach solution cleaners and hydrogen peroxide cleaners. Any products that falls within one of these three categories is able to withstand the harsh chemicals in the corresponding cleaning agent. This functionality makes replacing one-off items a breeze and outfitting an entire waiting room something you can do yourself if you so choose.


Enjoy Your New Furniture with Confidence

Knowing that your new furniture will last is half the battle. When you shop our 'clean with' feature, you can buy confidently, knowing you won't need replacement cushions anytime soon. Can't find exactly what you're looking for on our website? No problem. NBF has access to thousands of healthcare products that are not available on Just give our furniture experts a call at (800) 558-1010 and we'll be happy to find a solution.


Ready to learn more? Read our guide to healthcare seating textiles here, and peruse our healthcare page for more helpful tips and tricks.


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