At National Business Furniture, we take pride in offering quality office furniture for your business in a variety of styles. We know how important design can be; it’s because of this that we’re proud to introduce three new furniture styles to our already expansive selection. The three new styles are: rustic, industrial and mid-century modern.


Rustic Style


This rather down-to-earth style offers a more worn, distressed look. While chic in its own way, this design choice offers pieces with plenty of character to spare. Rustic furniture pieces tend to be muted in color and offer a warmth to any space.


Industrial Style


Whether in the form of exposed brick or in the form of a metal desk, industrial style focuses on raw materials. It’s an unpolished style, still embracing the clean lines of modern aesthetics while providing a more straightforward approach. It’s not all about looks though – industrial style office furniture provides to-the-point functionality and durability.


Mid-Century Modern Style


This design style was first made popular at the turn of the century, by the likes of furniture designers like Ray and Charles Eames. The style relies heavily on the use of organic elements – all while keeping lines clean and forms simple. Mid-century modern has become more of a trend as of late, as its streamlined designs are incredibly easy to incorporate into a variety of other styles as well. This makes it ideal for homes or offices that are looking for a more eclectic vibe.


While all three styles are incredibly popular today, each brings something unique to the table. We hope you’ll take a look at all three of our new office styles and find the one that best suits your tastes.


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