How to Use the NBF Free Swatch Sample Program

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July 15 2014

Finding a piece of furniture that is the perfect color or the right material to match the rest of your office can be a bit tricky when you are shopping online. This is simply due to the fact that so many aspects impact the coloration and quality of images online. The same product can look black when viewed on one monitor while appearing to be dark brown on a different screen. We understand that this can lead to frustration and maybe even hesitation when shopping online.

At NBF, we want to make your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible while ensuring that you feel supremely confident about any purchase that you make. In addition to Virtual Visit, our live video stream that connects shoppers with furniture experts who can demonstrate numerous furniture options, we also offer free color and swatch samples for most of our products. These swatches give you the exact look and feel of any product so you can know just what you would be getting by choosing the furniture piece. These swatches go beyond color. While you can get a clear idea of the exact shade, you can also discover the true texture of the product you are looking to purchase. This can be incredibly helpful whether you’re purchasing a new executive chair or a small writing desk. It can also give you a better idea of the difference of certain materials, such as laminate vs. wood veneer, so that you can confidently pick which one you prefer. The sample may even offer more insight into the description of the product. A product may be described as “distressed”. This label may have different meanings to many. With a free sample, you can see exactly what we mean when we say a product is distressed, and you can determine whether or not the style is what you desire.

Best of all, this service is completely free of charge because we are committed to making sure that your new office furniture is exactly what you are expecting.

The samples are shipped to you promptly via priority mail so that you can make your decision quickly. How do you order? These free color samples can be ordered directly from any product page on the NBF website. Simply click on the swatch color image underneath the picture of the product you want to take a closer look at. Then fill out the required fields, click ‘Submit’ and your swatch samples will be shipped out to you in a matter of days!

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