Spring is here, and it’s time to reevaluate the outdoor areas of your office. Whether starting from scratch or need to update your old furniture, a well-furnished outdoor break and meeting area will provide employees with a space to enjoy the great outdoors when weather permits, which can be a great mood booster at work.

Outdoor tables provide a designated space for employees to eat or hold casual meetings on nice days. From wooden picnic tables to metal bistro tables, there are plenty of options in a range of sizes. You can even find coffee and end tables built for outside use, which are ideal for an outdoor employee lounge.


Outdoor seating, including dining chairs, benches, Adirondack chairs, and rocking chairs, should be provided for employees to sit and enjoy their break or relax during a meeting. Like outdoor tables, most outdoor seating options are made of treated wood, metal, or plastic, allowing them to resist damage commonly caused by the elements like rain and sun.

Bike racks added to the outside of your office building accommodate bike riders and encourage eco-friendly modes of transportation, which many will appreciate.


Outdoor waste receptacles make it easier to keep your outdoor area clean. Choose from trash and recycling centers in a surprising array of styles to keep up the look of your building. 

Smokers stations assist in keeping your outdoor area clean by providing a designated space for smokers to put out their cigarettes rather than throwing them on the ground. Like waste receptacles, smokers stations are available in a wide assortment of styles to blend in seamlessly with the look of your building. 

Outdoor boards are typically bulletin boards with protective glass doors and a weatherproof framework that makes them resistant to damage caused by the elements, from sunlight to storms. They can also include signage that directs employees and visitors where to go and relays important information about your outdoor office space.  

Umbrellas are often offered as accessories to picnic tables to block sunlight and rain. Double-check that the umbrella you’re considering will fit your outdoor table before buying.


Planters bring a bold look to your outdoor space by decoratively containing plants. The options are endless when it comes to your choice in planter styles.


Eco-friendly outdoor furniture conforms to the standards set forth by at least one of the many certifications for green furniture, including Level certification, GreenGuard certification, and more. 



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