Top pet peeves identified impact work morale and environment

MILWAUKEEAugust 21, 2019The majority of American workers (77%) think that their co-workers could behave better in the workplace and that it is impacting productivity and morale, according to a new Kelton Global study on behalf of National Business Furniture (NBF).

The study, which surveyed adults ages 18+ who are employed full or part time, examines how many workplace do’s and don’ts are not always followed and as a result, how this affects workers’ attitudes, their connectivity with colleagues and their work environment. When asked how improved employee conduct would impact them, 33 percent surveyed say they would want to spend more time at work and 25 percent say they would enjoy work more.

The study found that the following are top workplace pet peeves:

  1. Punctuality: Three out of four respondents say that consistently being late to work or meetings tops the list of workplace annoyances.
  2. Food Faux Pas: Leaving dirty dishes in a common area is offensive to 77% surveyed.
    • More than half (52%) say that their co-workers shouldn’t cook potent (like fish or spicy foods) in the microwave.
    • Thirty percent say their officemates shouldn’t eat snacks or meals at a shared workstation.
  3. Noisy Surroundings: Playing music that’s too loud is unacceptable to 74% surveyed; 57% believe that having smartphone ringers on for calls, notifications or alerts is annoying and 50% say that taking private calls in a shared workstation is objectionable.
  4. Taboo Topics: Conversation topics like religion, politics or sexuality should be off-limits at work say 59% of respondents. The survey showed 70% of American workers believe their co-workers should avoid displaying ‘not suitable for work’ photos.

Too Close for Comfort?

These annoying habits are causing some anxiety for workers. Nearly half said that they don’t feel comfortable and accepted in their workplace, and 25% avoid communal work spaces so their colleagues’ behaviors won’t affect them. One out of five (16%) say that they work remotely as much as possible to avoid their co-workers’ misconduct.

Co-worker Coping Strategies

According to the study, workers are finding ways to cope with challenging behaviors:

  • Younger workers (31%) are more likely than boomers (18%) to deal with colleagues’ behavior by reminding them of the rules.
  • Men are more likely than women to directly ask colleagues to change poor workplace behaviors (27% versus 17%).
  • Millennials are three times as likely (42%) as boomers (13%) to wear headphones or earbuds at work to reduce noise levels.
  • 28% surveyed seek out private areas to avoid dealing with bad behaviors.

Workplace Refresh

According to the study, making simple design changes to the office can also positively impact morale and behavior. 26% of respondents say that if their workplace was upgraded with fresh paint and some new furniture, attitudes would improve.

“Considering the average person spends one-third of their life at work, it’s important to create an environment that both encourages positive interactions and provides privacy,” said Dean Stier, chief marketing officer for NBF.


The National Business Furniture Workplace Do’s and Don’ts Study was conducted among 1,004 Americans ages 18+ who are employed full or part time using an email invitation and online survey conducted by Kelton Global. In this particular survey, the margin of error was +/- 3.1 percent. Quotas were set to ensure reliable and accurate representation of the U.S. population. To download the full study, go to the Workplace Do's and Don'ts Study.


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