What does it mean for women to Thrive?

In the workplace, a culture of inclusivity and advancement benefits all. Starting with women in the workplace, we created Thrive to build an environment where we can flourish and grow together. The importance of lifting one another up and inciting positive change is invaluable, and through this conscious effort, we work to inspire everybody to Thrive as one.


Now Trending: Employee Wellness Rooms in the Office

Did you know that 92% of employed Americans confess that aspects of their workspace make them unhappy? As a result, businesses are taking extra measures to improve their workplaces, striving to create environments where great work happens due to employee satisfaction. Among new measures taken, companies across the country are taking employee health at the office into consideration by incorporating bookable wellness and mothers rooms to the office. If you’re considering adding one or more of these spaces to your office, keep reading for inspiration and ideas for what you’ll need to get the job done.