No matter if it's an innovative brainstorming session, an important client meeting, or a presentation from an outside vendor, conference rooms are places where ideas are made and bonds are created. Unfortunately, it's the communal nature of these spaces that makes them difficult to navigate in a post-COVID-19 world.

Whether you're making an immediate retrofit or planning for the long road ahead, adjustments to these integral areas can ensure the safety of your in-house employees and external visitors alike.

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A Conference Table
B Conference Chairs
C Stacking Chairs - 6
D Storage Credenza
E Beverage Cart
F Garbage Can

G Artificial Plants
H Television
J Wireless Peripherals
K Conference Phone
L Sanitizing Station

M Cleaning Caddy
N Technology Caddy
O Acrylic Dividers
P Signage
Q Tablet Chairs 
R Moveable Partitions



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  • The table is surrounded by as many chairs as possible
  • Additional stacking chairs are pushed off to the side
  • The beverage cart is out in the open and without cleaning supplies
  • Conference phones, wireless mice, and wireless keyboards are left on the table between meetings
  • Inadequate space is left around the table for proper wayfinding 


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  • Dramatically cut down the occupancy of the room to 1/3 of its original capacity
  • Stagger chairs to ensure that no two parties are directly across from one another
  • Add acrylic partitions down the center of the table and between chairs; ensure that they extend above participants' heads
  • Use correlating floor guides to reinforce proper distancing
  • Relocate peripherals to a technology caddy after every meeting
  • Add a cleaning caddy in an easily-accessible location; ensure that technology-safe disinfectants are included for peripherals and screens
  • Remove beverage cart and any shared materials or notetaking supplies
  • Add signage to indicate pre and post-meeting cleaning procedures
  • Place a hand sanitizer stand at the entrance to the conference room


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  • Increase the capacity of the room to 1/2 its original occupancy by adding tablet chairs to the corners of the room and adding back a limited number of seats
  • Maintain a cleaning caddy with disinfectants, technology-safe solvents, and quick cleaning wipes
  • Ensure that signage is modified to reflect current best practices and procedures 
  • Continue to store peripherals in a tech caddy when not in use
  • Add a mobile power cart to prevent crowding around available outlets
  • Maintain hand sanitizing and wipe-downs after every use
  • Utelize removable acrylic partitions that can be stored during low-risk periods and added back easily