<html> <head> <title></title> </head> <body> <p>Are you in need of a large executive desk that can facilitate small meetings in your office? A bow front desk has an overhang on the work surface that makes it easy for guests to write on, so casual conferences are no trouble at all.</p> <p>A keyhole desk with a bow front is usually large, often measuring in at more than 72 inches wide. These curved office desks, for that reason, are best used in a big executive suite with plenty of floor space to spare.</p> <h2>Curved Office Desks &ndash; For Impromptu Meetings</h2> <p>Bow front desks can be found in nearly any style you might need. These unique executive desks range in type from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. Curved office desks can also be found in different constructions, from metal to wood veneer. With these desks, you&rsquo;ll be able to hold meetings in style, and you won&rsquo;t even have to book a conference room!</p> <p>At NBF, we&rsquo;re proud to carry <a href="/desks">office desks</a> from trusted manufacturers like <a href="/national-office-furniture">National Office Furniture</a> and our own <a href="/nbf-signature-series">NBF Signature Series</a>. Read our article on <a href="/blog/desks-worth-the-splurge">office desks worth the splurge</a> to learn more about some of the best we have to offer. <a href="/">National Business Furniture</a>&mdash;Furniture that works. People who care.</p> </body> </html>

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