<p>Are you looking for a contemporary alternative to traditional cork boards? Fabric bulletin boards have a more modern look and are more durable too.</p> <p> Many options even include a whiteboard panel for jotting down meeting notes. Fabric tack boards are also available in enclosed versions that can be locked for security.</p> <h2>Fabric Tack Boards – Contemporary Bulletin Boards</h2> <p>Fabric bulletin boards are ideal for use in conference rooms, breakrooms and other areas of the office. Whether you need a small board for your cafeteria or one large enough to cover a conference room wall, you’ll find it here. Fabric tack boards are available in a huge range of sizes, and you’ll even find different color options to suit your office style. Whatever option you choose, you’ll enjoy our lifetime guarantee. </p> <p>Fabric bulletin boards in this selection come from top-rated brands like Best Rite and Peter Pepper. Need white boards too? Read our guide to <a href="/blog/whiteboards-choosing-the-right-dry-erase-board">choosing the best dry erase board</a> first! <a href="/">National Business Furniture</a>—Furniture that works. People who care.</p>

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