Eco Friendly Furniture for the Modern Workplace


Is your company looking to buy non-toxic, green products? This environmentally friendly furniture, more specifically known as sustainable office furnishings, offers organic design elements, natural wood materials and recycled products.

This office equipment has modern and designer features and can easily be integrated into any existing décor. Most of our environmentally friendly furniture has a GreenGuard certification, which means that the desks, chairs or tables have meet comprehensive and rigorous emission standards for indoor environments.

Sustainable Office Furnishings - Green Furniture For Home & Commercial Use

Environmentally friendly furniture may be constructed of recycled wood, bamboo wood or natural non-toxic materials in order to reduce their impact on the environment and the consumer, thereby making them a great option for many business. These sustainable office furnishings are designed specifically with the entire life cycle in mind. This includes where it will go at the end of use. Additionally, these sustainable office furnishings allow companies and individuals to gradually integrate earth friendly consumables into any residential or commercial environment.

Looking for a specific eco-friendly item? Find environmentally friendly chairs and benches to support your staff and help the environment. Looking to add green, weather resistant furniture to an outdoor space? Now you can enjoy the outdoors while doing your part to protect it with eco-friendly outdoor furnishings from NBF.

Customers can learn more about our green office commitment – how we are dedicated to both offering eco-friendly products and to running our business in an environmentally conscious manner – by visiting our customer service page. At, we are continuously seeking ways to improve every workplace by delivering quality furniture with superior customer service.