Office Storage In All Shapes & Sizes

Keep your office supplies organized with our durable office storage. Choose from a variety of metal cabinets and laminate office storage furniture.

Looking for a way to keep your corporate office or home office more organized? Our office storage furniture is the right fit for the job. Available in both lightweight and heavy duty options, our cupboards with doors are ideal for workplaces with a need for reading material concealment that a bookcase does not provide. Our selection of file cabinet units includes mobile, locking and wardrobe varieties.

Organization Office Storage Furniture—Locker & Mobile Shelving

Check out our Complete Guide to Office Storage for more information on the different types of office storage.

If you’re in need of office storage furniture that’s versatile and complementary to your business décor, then you've found it. This selection of cabinet units and even wall cabinets includes a wide range of styles from those with modern glass shelves to those with a more traditional metal design. Browse our heavy duty industrial steel shelving cabinets that will stand up to rigorous use, or shop our selection of light duty cabinets with doors for a more economical option. Whatever your workplace lifestyle may require, there are wood and metal concealed shelves in this assortment that will help your organization stay on task.

If you're in need of office organizational furniture that will keep your belongings safe and secure, then take a look at our collection of heavy duty lockers and lockable storage units. You can further enhance your organization efforts by bringing office file cabinets, mail sorters and executive business bookshelves into your workspace. We have options that allow you to display literature and handouts like paperflow, magazine racks and more.These units with shelves can be made of laminate, wood veneer and industrial steel so that you can choose an option that will mesh well with the existing furniture and décor in your space. No matter what type of storage or shelving unit you choose, you can feel confident in your purchase knowing that it will be backed by NBF's lifetime guarantee.



How to Choose Office Storage Furniture


A lot goes into running an office — as anyone reading this page will know! With that being so, you will likely want to look into a variety of office storage cabinets, from wooden storage units to wardrobe cabinets to machine storage stands to lockers and more. Don’t forget, of course, safes and fireproof storage for the most important things in the office.


Here are some considerations when shopping for office cabinet and storage units.


What am I Keeping in my Office Storage?


Filing away documents is its own niche in office storage, and National Business Furniture offers a wide variety of business filing cabinets. But what about office supplies? Personal storage? Paper, binders? How about what you would like to proudly display, from awards to business books to magazines for clients or customers?


National Business Furniture has office storage cabinets and solutions for any of those needs. Even better, you can combine storage with added utility (like a storage island) or take advantage of attractive looks and colors to add an accent to your business floor.


For items that require extremely secure storage, National Business Furniture also offers safes and fireproof storage safes. Adding to their security features is the knowledge that when you buy your purchase is backed by National Business Furniture’s lifetime guarantee.


Where am I Keeping My Office Storage?


If you are in a receptionist office, your storage needs are different than those of a back room or warehouse. Check out our elegant storage credenzas or our office display cases if you are trying to make a smart impression on people walking through your doors. Wooden storage units also provide a boost for the office look, not just a place for office supplies.


If course, office furniture cabinets don’t need to serve “front of the house” type functions to look good! Attractive storage can work anywhere in the office. There are lockable storage cabinets that come in a range of colors (you can even get keyless lockable office storage). Wardrobe cabinets also provide a lot of storage space and a variety of appealing looks. Storage hutches, in utilitarian, rustic or elegant styles, can give you extra storage above your pre-existing desk or table.


For personal use, or in conjunction with an office fitness center or gym, check out our lockers. Storage shelving is ideal for any sort of work room or non-secure area, like a printing hub, where you just need to store paper and other products.


What is my Budget for Office Storage?


You don’t have to break the bank to store your office supplies. Our office storage cabinets and shelving units come in a variety of price ranges and sizes to fit anything from a corporate campus to a home office. Contact us to learn more about how our office furniture cabinets and storage units can work for you.