Whether it's a group of new hires eager to learn their new jobs, seasoned employees pursuing continuing education, onsite training for students, or any other learning opportunity-- a training room is a place designed for engaging discourse and the pursuit of knowledge.

Making these places safe and sound relies on reducing occupancy while providing even and proportional space between every person. Reducing numbers while retaining amenities is key. While these spaces take a lot of inspiration from the new conference room, these instructor-led environments deal with larger waves of people with their own unique needs.

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A Chair
B Mobile Table
C Storage
D Television Screen
E Coat Closet

F Beverage Cart
G Sanitizer Station
H Cleaning Caddy
J Tablet Chairs



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  • Seating is maximized, allowing for very little personal space between trainees
  • Tables and chairs are often on casters and stack or nest for easy transport and storage
  • An instructor station sits at the front and houses technical peripherals and amenities
  • Beverage carts, coffee stations, and refrigerators may be built-in for easy access
  • Personal items are stored in communal coat closets
  • Tech-ready rooms may have built-in power strips or added outlets around the perimeter


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  • Reduce occupancy at individual tables by turning two-person stations to one
  • Place acrylic dividers between stations whenever possible
  • Add a sanitizer station at the door for use when entering and exiting
  • Add a fully-stocked cleaning caddy for thorough wipe-downs between sessions
  • Keep extreneous tech stored in a centralized storage space
  • Remove beverage and coffee stations
  • Close off coat closets and encourage trainees to keep their personal items with them


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  • When refurnishing a training room, opt for tablet chairs that combine seating, workspace, and personal storage in one
  • Use mobile solutions that can be arranged to be tailored to each sessions' occupancy needs
  • Reopen the coat closet with individual storage compartments for personal belongings
  • Maintain existing sanitizing and cleaning procedures with cleaning caddies and hand sanitizer dispensers