A great reception area should make a great first impression and now it sets the tone for your workplace's safety and cleanliness. These spaces see the widest variety of visitors, from clients to vendors, interviewees to repair staff, and everybody in-between.

It's no coincidence that they need the highest attention to detail for safe social distancing. Using your existing equipment along with some new normal must-haves, it's time to change your space to keep everybody happy and healthy.

Whether you're retrofitting, renovating, or reinventing your office space, NBF has the tools you need to make a safe return to work. Contact us at 800-558-1010 for details about our complimentary space planning and design services.

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A Seating
B Table
C Reception Des
D Credenza
E Log Book
F Beverage Station
G Magazine Rack
H Hand Sanitizing Station
J Cleaning Caddy
K Sneeze Guard

L Wayfinding Decals
M Directional Path
N Tablet Sign In
O Artificial Plant
P Compact Chair



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  • Reception spaces often include ample seating, including multi-person sofas and benches
  • Seating often includes untreated fabrics
  • Amenities often include beverage stations, magazine racks, and even toys in child-friendly spaces
  • Paper sign-in sheets or log books are common
  • Hand sanitizer, if any, is in a discrete location


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  • Add acrylic sneeze guards to the desk, opting for wrap-around designs, and cleaning caddies behind the reception desk
  • Implement a tablet-based sign in system
  • Eliminate all unnecessary touch points and client amenities
  • Seating should be reduced dramatically, eliminating all multi-person options
  • Use physical barriers to separate seating, including easy-to-clean end tables and broad-leaf artificial plants that can be sterilized
  • Place hand sanitizer stations at the entrance, in the vestibule, and at any other hallways leading back into the space
  • Create one-direction walkways using guide ropes, signage, and floor decals


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  • As restrictions ease, add more seating with ample space while keeping natural barriers between seats
  • Opt for more narrow seating to increase chairs while maintaining distance
  • Make purchases with materials in mind, including durable vinyl upholstery and high-pressure laminate
  • Consider stylish options in healthcare-grade furniture for its cleanability
  • Purchase heavy-duty hand sanitizer and sanitary wipe dispensers that can stand up to rigorous use indefinitely
  • Maintain floor decals, tablet sign-in, sneeze guards, and cleaning caddies
  • Avoid high-touch amenities indefinitely