Event & Banquet Furniture

Gather and celebrate in style with our wide selection of event and banquet furniture. Whether you’re building out a new company meeting space, town hall, or banquet hall or shopping for new furniture for an individual event like an industry conference, award ceremony, wedding, or baby shower, we offer a wide selection of high-quality furniture that’s beautiful and built to last.

Shopping for Event and Banquet Chairs

A banquet chair is a lightweight chair that either stacks or folds when not in use. Banquet chairs are typically armless, allowing for more compact storage when not in use. They are designed to provide comfortable seating for shorter events like weddings and award ceremonies. Banquet seats with cushioned seats may provide additional comfort for longer events. 

Shopping for Event and Banquet Tables

You have 4 primary choices when shopping for a banquet table. Folding tables, flip-top tables, adjustable height tables, and lightweight tables offer different benefits. You can choose which event table type is right for you based on how the tables are stored and the functionality they provide.

  • Folding Tables: Folding tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can find circular folding tables, square card tables, and rectangular folding tables. Folding tables collapse when not in use— the table legs fold up against the tabletop. They’re typically among the most affordable banquet table options, making them preferred if cost is a primary concern.

  • Flip-Top Tables: The tabletop of a flip-top table pivots or flips vertically so that it sits next to the top of the legs. Flip-top tables often have casters on the bottom of the table legs, making it easy to push them into storage. The benefit of a flip-top table is that it gives you the same space-saving storage as a folding table without having to lift the tables to move them around. 

  • Adjustable Height Tables: Adjustable height event and banquet tables provide you with the ability to move from a sitting to a standing work position. This makes them ideal for speaker tables at events or training tables at workshops to help attendees stay active and attentive. Many adjustable height event tables feature grommets for cord storage and casters, allowing them to be moved or rearranged with ease. 

  • Lightweight Tables: Lightweight tables include small cafe tables, bistro tables, highboys, and folding tables that have been designed to be picked up and moved around. Their lightweight construction makes it easy to arrange them based on your event’s design. 

Shopping for Event Stages and Platforms

When shopping for an event stage or platform, you want to consider weight capacity, size, and how the platform breaks down for storage. We offer a variety of platforms and stages that allow you to honor guests and spotlight them regardless of the event space design. Our event platforms can be skirted to provide extra polish, making them ideal for graduations, award ceremonies, corporate retreats, performances, and more.

Shopping for Lecterns

A lectern is a tall, sloped reading desk, which provided a speaker with a place for documents or books during an event. When searching for the best lectern, you want to consider what features you want the lectern to have. We offer a selection of simple pedestal lecterns as well as lecterns with single or double microphones. You can also find models with a shelf for a projector, making it easy to control a presentation while speaking.

Shopping for Event and Banquet Accessories

When you’re preparing for an event, you don’t want to forget the additional accessories you might need. AV carts, whiteboards, and projection equipment promote engagement and collaboration. Carts and caddies make it easy to move event furniture in and out of the space. And you don’t want to forget to provide a coat rack—especially in the winter months—so that attendees have somewhere to hang coats and personal items. 

Shopping for Furniture by EventType

Different events call for different furniture needs. To make your shopping a breeze, we’ve outlined the most popular furniture needs for each event type. 

  • Meetings: Chairs for all expected attendees (plus extra for overflow), tables, and whiteboards.

  • Conferences: Comfortable banquet chairs, projection equipment, and lecterns.

  • Award Ceremonies: Stages/platforms, event chairs, and lecterns. 

  • Company Parties: Event tables, chairs, table skirting, and coat racks. 

  • Weddings: Banquet tables and chairs, table skirting, and coat racks (and a dance floor). 

  • Wedding Showers and Baby Showers: Tables, chairs, and table skirting/tablecloths. 

  • Family Reunions: Banquet tables, chairs, and projection equipment for family photos. 

  • Religious and Community Gatherings: Whiteboards, lecterns, AV carts, projection equipment, and banquet chairs. 

Should You Buy Event Furniture or Do an Event Furniture Rental?

The choice to buy or rent event furniture should be made based on how many times you’ll use it. Renting event furniture makes sense if you’re hosting a single event like a wedding or a baby shower. In those instances, many event venues will often offer furniture rental, making it a seamless process.


For companies, banquet halls, event spaces, schools, and larger organizations it typically makes sense to buy furniture because you’ll need to use it again and again. Many businesses keep event chairs and tables stocked, along with a handful of whiteboards that can be moved around. Lecterns, too, offer versatility for presentations and meetings.