Products and Ordering

How do I place an order?

You can order furniture through our catalog or by using our easy-to-use website. To speak to one of our furniture specialists, call us at: 800-558-1010. You can also fax your order to 800-329-9349. To request a free National Business Furniture catalog, click here.

Are color samples available?

Yes, call our sales representatives at 800-558-1010. They will send you free fabric and wood samples via USPS. You can also order free color samples on our website. Simply click on the "Order Free Samples" link on the product page, select which colors you'd like to receive and checkout with your free samples.

Do you sell other products not in your catalog?

We have access to many items that are not shown in our catalog or on our website. Custom orders are our specialty. Simply call our sales department at 800-558-1010 and we will help you find items.

I have my own fabric that I would like the chairs covered with. Is that possible?

Yes, customer's own material (COM) orders are possible. Call 800-558-1010 and we will give you the proper procedures for sending the fabric to the manufacturer.

Who is responsible for measuring?

Customers are responsible for measuring the space to be sure their office furniture purchase will fit through doors, narrow passages, and in the intended office space. Make sure to measure doorways and stairwells.

If you need to navigate slender doorways or narrow stairwells, you may want to consider purchasing compact furniture or ready-to-assemble (RTA) items. Please feel free to reach out to our sales team for assistance in finding the right product for your space.

If your product does not fit in the intended space and qualifies for return, we are happy to assist you. Customers are responsible for any associated costs. Please see our returns FAQs for more information. (But mostly, please measure! We want that for you!)

How do I get help measuring my space?

We have account executives in many metropolitan areas who would be happy to assist you in measuring and choosing appropriate furnishings. We also offer complimentary design services. To connect with space planning professionals, visit our Design Services page.

How many people can I fit around a table?

Below are some general guidelines to use when determining the size of table and number of chairs needed for a conference area. All estimates are based on an average chair width of 23" with 4" clearance between chairs. Adjust accordingly for a different size chair. When ordering large size tables, remember to measure the elevator it will be carried in and the doorways it will travel through. 

Rectangular Boat
Width Length # of Chairs
30" 5' 6
30" 6' 6
36" 5' 6
36" 6' 6
36" 7' 8
36" 8' 8
42' 6' 6
42' 7' 8
42' 8' 8
Width Length # of Chairs
42" 9' 10
42" 10' 10
48" 6' 6
48" 7' 8
48" 8' 8
48" 9' 10
48" 10' 10
48" 12' 12
Width Length # of Chairs
30-36' 5' 6
31-38" 6' 6
32-40" 5' 6
33-44" 6' 6
34-48" 7' 8
35-52" 8' 8
Width Length # of Chairs
36-56" 6' 6
37-60" 9" 10
38-60" 10' 6
39-60" 6' 6
40-60" 7' 8

Oval Round
Width Length # of Chairs
36" 6' 6
44" 8' 8
48" 8' 8
48" 10' 10
48" 12' 12
68" 15' 16
Width # of Chairs
42" 4
48" 5
54" 6
60" 7
66" 7
72" 8
84" 9
96" 11
108" 12

Can you arrange for someone to assemble my product(s) for me?

Yes, we work with assembly firms throughout the United States. Please call 800-558-1010 and a sales representative will put you in touch with the nearest assembly firm. *$50 minimum trip charge applies for all assemblies.

What is flat-pack/RTA (ready-to-assemble) furniture?

Flat-pack and ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture come in compact packaging and require full assembly. Assembly services are not automatically included with delivery. You may be able to add expert assembly for an additional charge.

Example of flat-pack furniture: Double-pedestal desks require each part of the desk to be assembled, including the pedestals, drawers, and desk shells.

What is partially assembled furniture?

Partially assembled furniture requires minimal assembly. Most of the work is done—you just have to put the finishing touches on it. You may be able to add expert assembly for an additional charge.

Examples of partially assembled furniture: Double-pedestal desks arrive with the storage pedestals and desk shells fully assembled. Customers will need to attach the pieces together.

What is fully assembled furniture?

Furniture comes fully assembled. It may require nominal assembly. Fully assembled furniture requires the least amount of labor at delivery, but it has the largest space requirements. When ordering fully assembled furniture, be sure to measure doorways and stairwells carefully to ensure the piece will fit.

Examples of fully assembled furniture:

  • Double-pedestal desk: The piece comes fully assembled.
  • Fully assembled L-shaped desk: Each portion of the desk comes fully assembled. Simply attach the desk return to the main desk.

Do your products meet fire code standards?

Almost all our products meet California Code 117-75 which has generally been the national standard. Some public buildings require Boston or California Code 133. Call our specialists for seating to meet your local code.

Are your products listed on the Ariba network?

Yes, our entire selection of products is available on the Ariba network. In addition we are Ariba Ready certified and can receive orders through the Ariba network. To learn more read our Ariba profile. Please call us at or email us for more information.

What is Proposition 65?

Proposition 65 requires that certain products sold in California be labeled with warnings if the use of that product may potentially result in exposure to certain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. The list includes wood dust, brass and various other everyday elements found in a variety of products such as jewelry, tableware, electrical cords, automobiles, cosmetics, and furniture.

These warnings are only required on products shipping into California but we have required our manufacturers to place them on any products they produce that might contain referenced chemicals. If applicable to our products, the specific product will contain a warning label on the product or packaging for California consumers as required by state law, and you may contact us if you wish to return the items. For more information: