Science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and (more recently) arts: these are the classrooms of the future. By focusing on these core tenets, STEaM classrooms are designed to set their students up for success in their post-secondary education as well as their future careers. These technology and science-informed classrooms feature enhanced fixtures and supplies to accommodate their subject matter, often supported by maker's spaces with even further tools.

Every STEaM classroom looks drastically different. This layout assumes the presence of several fixtures, including built-in countertops and a front-and-center island, while omitting the widely varied instruments that can make their way into the classroom. We highly recommend that STEaM classrooms work with a space planner and furniture consultant to retrofit and supplement the current classroom layout. See more options and advice in our complete guide to reimagining the post-COVID classroom.


Whether you're retrofitting, renovating, or reinventing your classroom, NBF has the tools you need to make a safe return to the classroom. Contact us at 800-558-1010 for details about our complimentary space planning and design services.


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A Student Table
B Student Chair
C Teacher Desk, Chair, Storage
D Built-In Island
E Built-In Countertop
F Sink

G Smartboard
H Laptop Cart
J Storage Cabinets
K Student Chair with Storage
L Mobile Power Towers

M Acrylic Divider
N Cleaning Caddy
O Hand Sanitizer Cart
P Health and Safety Posters
Q Tripod with Camera
R Mobile Laptop Cart


Original Layout

  • Numerous built-in or hard-to-move fixtures are present; ample storage
  • Students sit at two person desks, either standard or standing-height
  • Late elementary and middle school STEaM classroms often teach multiple science and math-based subjects in the same room
  • High tech classroom equipped with smartboards, projectors, power outlets, and robust personal technology
  • Capacity ranges from 25 to 35 students, depending on the school

Reimagined Layout



  • Reduce two-student tables to single-student workstations
  • Add three-sided acrlyic dividers on each student table desk
  • Replace standard chairs with built-in storage baskets beneath or hooks on the back
  • Repurpose storage to separate comingled supplies into student storage cubbies with removable bins
  • Make room for a tripod and laptop cart if the classroom is used for partially-remote instruction
  • Pospone instruction that includes shared tools, such as microscopes or other hands-on equipment
  • Reposition the teacher's desk and storage against the wall to preserve workspace and improve distancing measures
  • Add a hand sanitizer station at the doorway and place several cleaning caddies throughout the classroom; ensure that disinfectants near the laptop cart are technology safe
  • Install cleanliness and safety posters throughout the room to clearly communicate expectations




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