High capacity classrooms pose a special set of challenges in the post-COVID climate. These class sizes are often large out of necessity and there may not be enough resources to purchase large quantities of new furniture. While reducing class sizes remains at the administrative level, ensuring that desks are well-spaced may include reducing extra storage space or play areas in younger grade levels.

Prioritize access to cleaning stations, hand sanitizer, and disinfectants that aren't harmful to students. From there, make sure that cleaning instructions are posted on the walls to clearly communicate expectations. Invest in physical dividers and partitions between students and ensure that as many pupils are facing forward as possible. See more options and advice in our complete guide to reimagining the post-COVID classroom.


Whether you're retrofitting, renovating, or reinventing your classroom, NBF has the tools you need to make a safe return to the classroom. Contact us at 800-558-1010 for details about our complimentary space planning and design services.


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A Student Desk
B Teacher Desk, Chair, Storage
C Teacher's Assistant Desk, Chair
D Whiteboard

E Storage Cubbies
F Laptop Cart
G Acrylic Divider
H Standing-Height Clear Screen
J Cubbies with Removable Buckets

K Hand Sanitizer Cart
L Cleaning Caddy
M Technology Cleaning Caddy
N Safety and Cleanliness Posters



Original Layout

  • Classroom layout is simple but classroom fixtures are colorful and fun
  • There's ample storage for comingled supplies (more than shown, sometimes built-in)
  • Students use simple desks (with or without storage) and chairs or tablet-arm desks
  • Teachers desks are traditional and placed at the front of the room; may have an assistant
  • Technology is kept in the classroom; a tablet or laptop cart may reside in the room
  • Capacity ranges from 25 to 35 students, depending on the school

Reimagined Layout


  • Reduce the class size as much as possible
  • Space out desks as much as possible and add acrylic dividers between students
  • Remove all comingled supplies; provide students with buckets to house individual supplies if desk storage isn't enough; store in cabinets that were once communal
  • Add a large standing-height, transparent screen in front of the whiteboard
  • Add a three-sided acrylic divider to the teachers' desk, if positioned close to students
  • Position assistant's desk facing the wall 
  • Add a hand sanitizer station at the doorway and place several cleaning caddies throughout the classroom; ensure that disinfectants near the laptop cart are technology safe
  • Install cleanliness and safety posters throughout the room to clearly communicate expectations




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