Industry: Education

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Furniture Collections Used: Maxon Workstations

NBF Account Executive: Anna Reedy


St. Adalbert’s, a leading private K-8 school and parish, has been serving Milwaukee’s Catholic community since 1909, and its school office has been in need of an upgrade for almost as long. For help creating an office that works, school officials looked to NBF Account Executive Anna Reedy for assistance. Read on to find out what the school wanted to achieve and how NBF succeeded in providing it.

Saint Adalbert School Case Study

Student and Staff Support. St. Adalbert School is a welcoming environment with a highly educated staff and fantastic young children who are always ready to learn. With dozens of employees and hundreds of students and parents to serve, the school wanted to provide an office that would have a friendly, modern look to encourage everyone to come on in whenever they needed to. To support this need, Reedy suggested the addition of panel systems from Maxon, one of NBF’s best-selling brands. Not only did Maxon workstations fit the needs of the office, but employees at St. Adalbert’s were also pleased to find that they come in an array of color options, including blue to match the school’s signature colors. Add in new wood flooring and some freshly painted walls and the space was taken to a whole new level.

Saint Adalbert School Case Study

Go with the Flow. Not only did St. Adalbert employees want their school office to look great, but they wanted to improve the traffic flow of the space as well. Previously, the flow in the space had been nearly non-existent, with tight turns and cramped quarters that made the area look small and claustrophobic. The addition of Maxon workstations opened up the office, providing a roomier area with a clear walk-up reception space and walkways that are easy to get through. Not only does this new setup make the space look much better, but it has also helped with employee productivity, as an uncluttered workspace makes for positive employees!

Saint Adalbert School Case Study

Furniture that Works. Although St. Adalbert’s already knew what they wanted to get out of their new space, they needed help finding furniture that would serve their needs both aesthetically and functionally. Color options, size and cost were all of importance to the school, and Reedy was happy to help find Maxon panels in configurations that would work within their design vision and within their budget.


“We love our new furniture! It gives the office a new, updated, sleek look,” says Principal Amy Jarmuz-Kluth.

Saint Adalbert School Case Study

People who Care. Like most schools, St. Adalbert’s is a busy place, and equally as important as finding the right furniture was finding the right people to walk staff through the entire furniture buying process. Professionals at St. Adalbert’s were happy to have Reedy to serve as a designated point of contact to answer any and all questions they had throughout the process. In regards to Reedy, Principal Jarmuz-Kluth had to say, “She presented a few ideas and, given our application, we talked through what would be best. From there we picked color choices and went over everything prior to the install. We had a delay in timeline due to prior scheduled construction, and she was there to accommodate and work around the delay.”


In the end, St. Adalbert’s was left with a school office that gives off a bright, modern look with a flow that makes students, parents and staff feel at ease.


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