Your business could be in trouble if your employees are still sitting in basic fabric task chairs. A recent study from Kelton Global showed that 54% of American office workers believe an uncomfortable workstation would cause unhappiness and a lack of productivity. In addition, 92% state that a workspace that is not up-to-par negatively impacts mental well-being. What can you do to help your employees stay positive and productive? Consider these seating alternatives to the traditional office chair.

Standing Desks

One alternative seating solution is not a seating solution at all. Equipping your employee cubicles with standing desks will enable workers to move more at the office. This doesn’t mean you should eliminate office chairs altogether, but rather the chair and standing desk should be used in shifts throughout the day. Utilizing a standing desk has proven health benefits, including improved blood flow and increased employee productivity.

Active Chairs and Leaning Stools

Active seating comes in many forms for use with or without a standing-height desk. Active chairs such as the Zenergy ball chair are ideal for bringing movement to a traditional cubicle or home office setup. Leaning stools tilt on a long stick-like base to prop users on an angle, which is more ergonomically friendly. No matter which active chair you choose, offering employees the option to bring more movement into their days is sure to improve comfort, making them more alert and productive while working.

Collaborative Soft Seating

Remember, chairs are all over the office, not just at your employees' desks. The same research study found that 1 in 4 employees value flexible areas to work away from their desks, indicating a need for varied touchdown spaces. Incorporating soft seating throughout your office will enable employees to pick up their laptops and work away from their workstations when they need to focus on a difficult project or collaborate with a coworker. Collaborative seating solutions like the Gather and Touchdown collections are ideal for use in an open area of the office or a private space.

Whether your goal is to add more meeting space to your office or increase employee happiness and productivity, offering alternative seating solutions is a great option. To learn more about how the physical workspace affects employee mental health, read the full study here.


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