Just like it is in any creative field, trends come and go as they please. Today's prevailing organizational ideas are focused on sustainable and practical fixes that can dramatically increase productivity and happiness in your workplace. Whether you're sprucing up a private office, optimizing a shared space, or settling into your home office, today's tips are no-brainers for a workspace you'll love for the long haul.

It Starts with Your Setup

Furniture has become just as much of a decorative decision as it is a functional framework. Choose desks, hutches, credenzas, and files that have the amenities that work best for your individual needs. A combination of open and concealed storage works best and NBF's collections have the style and substance you need to outfit your office space.

We're in love with the Structure collection's clean, uncluttered aesthetic. There's ample choices that are thoughtfully designed to fit small at-home spaces, collaborative offices, and larger private suites that deserve a little bit of executive appeal. Naturally, a combination of large and narrow hutches and files can be paired to create the comprehensive storage you need to succeed.

Office Suite

Office Suite

Office Suite

Structure Shot

Office Suite

L-Desk Suite

48"W Desk
Two-Shelf Bookcase
30" Hutch
File Pedestal

60" Desk
Lateral File with Storage
Two-Shelf Bookcase
Two 32" Hutches

Two-Shelf Bookcase
Lateral File with Storage
60"W Hutch

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BinsBin It to Win It 

Utilize hanging shelf space, bookcases, and ledges by hiding your (hopefully well-organized!) supplies in plain sight. A combination of small, medium, and large bins can be tailored to fit in any enclave, providing a neat appearance that can handle anything.

Mix it up and choose both opaque and transparent boxes and bins to keep things interesting. Show off items that lend themselves to better organization or opt to hide more unruly, hard-to-tame supplies in a lidded box or anything with solid sides.

Neutral BinsThe New Neutrals 

Keep your crazy colors at bay and opt for timeless taupes, graceful grays, and browns that will coordinate with anything. Not only will they fit with your current décor, their flexibility will allow your accent pieces to fit into future redecorating schemes, eliminating that extra spend and reducing waste.

Natural aesthetics are an emerging trend. Woven fabrics and raw textiles are "in" and can be found at any price point. Seek out local craftspeople and suppliers that use sustainable materials and ethical assembly to create a space that's environmentally sound.

To See and Be Seen

In stark contrast--but not competition--with the all-natural look, acrylic organizers have been finding their way onto desktops and shelving. Clear containers with sleek, squared-off lines provide an incredibly clean look that sits strong alongside other décor choices. Mix this decidedly modern aesthetic with more natural and raw pieces to create a little bit of playful contrast.

file organization  Bring it All into Focus

Your most used, most important possessions often get relegated to a far-flung place, making it easy to leave them on your desktop when you're finished. While building better habits for returning things to their "home," take the time to make sure that your must-haves are within arm's reach. If something is easy to access, it's also easy to put away.

Sometimes that everyday binder or big 'ol book only fits on a larger bottom shelf, out of sight when you need it most. Remember that most bookshelves feature adjustable shelves that can be raised and lowered to accommodate any possession. From there, ensure that your most-used items are located at eye level with lesser sought stuff on the lower or high-up shelves.

Keeping Up with the Clutter

An organizational overhaul is only worth the time if it's sustainable. No matter what the latest blogs are saying, there's no one-size-fits-all solution, so listen to your head and heart while you select the schemes that work for you. It doesn't matter if your space looks great for that one perfect picture; it's the long-haul that counts. When it comes to your organizational style, after you pick it, stick with it.

Messy Desky  Happy Desk

Scary Sharey  Good


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