Having trouble attracting new talent to your business? Looking for ways to improve how candidates, employees and guests perceive your company? Whether you're starting up a new business or want to improve an already established company, the physical appearance of your office may have a greater effect on the face of your business than you once thought.

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Traditional Branding is a Thing of the Past

If you're spending a ton of time and money updating your branded materials, you may want to consider allocating those dollars elsewhere. A 2017 study from IPSOS revealed that only 37% of the millennial generation say that a company logo impacts their view of a brand, while 72% of office employees ages 55 and older feel the same. In comparison, 82% of millennials say that a company's website somewhat or strongly influences their opinion versus 53% of employees ages 55 and older. If it's fresh new talent you're after, your logo and branding may not matter as much as it does to baby boomers.


Attractive Interior Design Matters

If logos and other branded materials are losing their weight, what can you do to draw in those much-needed millennials? The answer is beautiful interior design that reflects your company culture and the image you want your business to exude. The same IPSOS study showed that 76% of millennials ages 18-34 feel that office design and aesthetics somewhat influence or very strongly influence their impression of a company, and women between the ages of 18 and 34 as well as adults living on the west coast of the United States appear to be the most likely to be positively influenced by good commercial interior design. the research clearly shows that the younger the individual is, the more likely they are to judge your business based on the physical appearance of your office.


Office Employees of All Ages Wish for Change

Attracting millennials to your business is hugely important. After all, they're the face of the future in American business. But with a large portion of the workforce still made up of generation X and baby boomers, is there anything that can be done to appeal to anyone and everyone? Although older generations don't find good office design "important", interior design implemented in the correct way will have a positive impact on candidates, employees and visitors of all ages.


While generation X employees don't place as much importance on interior design as millennials do, it does appear that design influences their opinion of a business more than it does baby boomers, indicating a gradual trend wherein the younger the employee the more the physical appearance of your office will come into play when it comes to their overall impression of your business. In fact, 70% of study respondents who work in an office state that they wish their current workplace would consider a design upgrade, suggesting that although a beautiful office may not make or break their decision to work for a certain company, a well-designed space would be appreciated by most.


Whether your business is strictly targeting new millennial employees or you just want to give guests to your office a positive impression of the business, good commercial interior design is a step in the right direction. Consider an office makeover, and check out these 10 office design trends to use in 2018 to get you started.


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