Did you know that the wheels on your office chair are designed for a specific type of flooring? There are 2 main types of office chair casters—soft floor and hard floor—and you should verify which type you’ll need before you buy your new office chair.

Soft Floor Casters

As the name suggests, soft floor casters are made for soft floor surfaces such as carpets. These types of casters have hard wheels that allow them to glide easily across soft surfaces. Most chairs come with soft floor casters by default, so be sure to consult one of our furniture experts if your chair will need hard floor casters instead.

Hard Floor Casters 

Hard floor casters are made to roll easily on hard surfaces such as tile and hardwood. Hard floor casters have a soft surface around the wheel that allows them to better grip onto hard surfaces so your chair won’t slide around while you work. Because most office chairs come with standard soft floor casters, be sure to request add-on hard floor casters when you purchase your new chair.

Already have an office chair with the wrong type of casters? No need to fear. Most manufacturers sell both types of casters, and you can easily replace your existing chair casters. Just call our furniture experts at (866) 390-6921, and we’ll be happy to help.



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