When was the last time you cleaned your desk at work? When was the last time said cleaning went beyond moving papers and shuffling documents? Chances are, it has been quite some time. Keeping a clean desk not only presents a professional image, but it can help to create a healthier and more organized you. Here are some steps to help you keep your desk clean.

Have the right storage. The most common mess found on desk surfaces is paper clutter. This can easily be addressed by having the right storage system in place. Adding file cabinets and paper organizers can really go a long way!


Clean the surface. Cleaning your desk top is often overlooked. How you should go about doing this will be dependent upon what kind of material your desk is made out of. For example, you can learn more about the differences between laminate and wood veneer desks in our detailed article. It’s best to follow the cleaning instructions from the desks’ manufacturer – if you are unsure who the manufacturer is and you purchased your desk from, our furniture experts can help!


Clean and sanitize everyday accessories. Everyday accessories are those things you use every day without thinking twice about them; good examples are your keyboard, mouse and your telephone. Be sure to clean and sanitize these items on a regular basis not only to prevent the spread of germs, but also to keep them in good shape.


Keep drawers organized. While it’s tempting, don’t just shove a mess into the confines of a desk drawer. This certainly won’t take care of the problem and is sure to lead to more mess down the road. Use dividers or folders to keep everything neat and tidy.


Dust your workspace. You dust at home, right? Well, chances are that you’ve been overlooking this duty at your desk. Wipe down any desk décor items that may be in need of a good dusting, including picture frames, pencil holders and maybe even plants. If you have any shelving, you’ll want to make sure that it’s dusted and cleaned as well.


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