All healthcare facilities need overbed tables available for patient use, but do you trust where your facility’s overbed tables are coming from? AmFab has been designing and manufacturing overbed tables for over 30 years, and the company’s dedication to perfecting this niche product goes above and beyond what most expect.

Broad Selection. AmFab Company covers all three of the main healthcare markets that commonly utilize overbed tables: acute care, long term care and home care. Not only does the company design its tables to make the lives of patients easier, but to make the jobs of caregivers easier as well. Overbed tables come in H-, U- and Fork-shaped bases to suit hospital beds and standard beds of different types, and each style of overbed table is designed with varying features to support uses in different kinds of facilities.


Reliable Specialization. AmFab is one of the most trusted names in overbed tables because overbed tables are its specialty. While most healthcare furniture manufacturers specialize in large ticket items such as exam tables and healthcare recliners, selling overbed tables as an additional product to round out its selection, AmFab focuses specifically on the manufacturing of overbed tables. Although overbed tables are AmFab’s primary concern, the company also manufactures rails, vanities, lap trays, patient room communication boards, cabinets and grab bars as well.


Made in the USA. Everything that AmFab sells is designed and manufactured in its Galesburg, Michigan facility, where quick order turn around and superb customer service are the backbone to the business. AmFab is also known for its ability to quickly manufacture custom orders in a wide array of colors, so if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for from this manufacturer on, be sure to call our sales team to see what AmFab and NBF can do for you!


To learn more about overbed tables, read our comprehensive guide here and shop our full selection here.


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