Office chairs can cause serious damage to carpets over time, and certain types of carpeting can make rolling around your workspace quite difficult. A chair mat is necessary, but not just any chair mat will do. Standard mats are made for hard flooring but will slip and slide when used on carpet. The solution? Low pile chair mats with grips for carpet.

Makes Your Workspace More Functional

EverLife low pile chair mats from E.S. Robbins feature an Anchor Bar cleat system that secures the mat to your low pile carpeting, preventing the mat from sliding while you move your chair over it. A Crystal Edge provides a smooth and easy transition from the chair mat to your carpet, and a fitted lip allows you to continue rolling smoothly all the way up to your desk.

Protects Your Carpet

While the Anchor Bar cleat system grips your carpeting, it also protects it. Grips are gentle on the carpet, digging into place without damaging the fibers. The cleats are also gentle on your fingers, making repositioning the mat easy.

Doesn’t Distract From the Look of Your Office

EverLife chair mats are constructed of clear vinyl and blend in seamlessly with offices of any style, unlike many mats that can be eyesores. In addition, the manufacturer guarantees these mats to resist cracking when used correctly.



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