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1 in 3 Americans Find COVID-driven Workspace Changes Reducing Productivity 

Over the past 12 months, office environments have shifted dramatically with more working remotely from home than ever. Those working in offices are returning to spaces that have been reimagined for a post-COVID world. A new National Business Furniture study “Wellness at Work” conducted by Kelton Global examines how working Americans have been impacted by the lifestyle changes brought on by COVID-19, especially as it relates to their current work environment.  Key topic areas addressed include:

3 Key Study Topics:
• How work environments are impacting wellness
• How connectivity with co-workers has been impacted by remote work

​​​​• How workspace changes are impacting collaboration and privacy


Workplace Wellness Advice from Expert Amanda Couturier


Make Room For Workplace Wellness

A complete guide for creating a healthy work-life balance
with advice from wellness expert, Amanda Couturier.


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Improving Productivity and Wellness is Top of Mind for Americans

Learn more about the study and download the full study summary PDF.

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