The tragic and senseless death of George Floyd has brought to the forefront the continued presence of racism and social injustice across our country. The time is now to unite as individuals, companies, and communities to drive real, systemic change. Each of us needs to begin by reflecting on our own level of awareness and what we can be doing to make a positive impact. To build a greater level of understanding, we must start actively listening to those whose voices have been suppressed.   

At National Business Furniture, our core purpose is to “Help people create an environment where great work happens.” But “environment” isn’t only about the physical space. It equally includes the psychological environment we create that allows our team to be their true selves and reach their fullest potential. As I think about our own environment, I ask myself – what more can we do to improve on the environment we have created? How can we celebrate differences instead of letting them divide us? How can we ensure that the relationships we work hard to build in the office carry through the broader environments that we live in?  

Unfortunately, problems of this magnitude can seem overwhelming, oftentimes leading to inactivity – or worse, indifference. The best way to move forward is for individuals, organizations and communities to commit to taking that first step to grow in our understanding.  It starts small, with each of us opening our hearts and minds to our neighbors and colleagues. It starts by actively listening. At NBF, we’re taking our first small step by fostering open and honest discussions about race and inequality among our entire organization. We will not allow race and inequality to remain unspoken topics in the workplace. We must replace subtlety with candor and honesty.  

I’m proud of our wonderful, diverse team that makes NBF such a great company. I’m even more proud that we’re continuing our journey to make it better. We can and will do better.

Allan J. Klotsche

National Business Furniture