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Quick Tips: How to Reopen Your Business After COVID-19

  1. Decide When Employees Should Return: Most businesses are choosing to reopen in phases, which will keep some employees working from home while others return to the office. Consider bringing employees back in waves, adjusting your policies to best fit each timeframe. For employees working from home for an extended time, provide support by purchasing ergonomic and functional Home Office Furniture to encourage productivity and comfort.
  2. Provide Sanitization Stations & Masks: For the safety of your employees and compliance with local or state-wide regulations, develop policies around the use of personal protective equipment, or PPE, and disinfecting supplies. After outfitting your facility with appropriate disinfectants, such as tech-safe solvents for electronics and food-grade cleaners for breakrooms, provide masks, gloves, disinfecting wipes, and hand sanitizer for employee use within the office. Clearly illustrate best practices with posted signage and a comprehensive employee handbook.
  3. Maintain Social Distancing: In every part of the building, use a combination of physical barriers and thoughtful policies to maintain adequate social distancing. Clear acrylic sneeze guards allow for total visibility while still keeping everybody safe while stand-alone room dividers can reinforce wayfinding throughout the office. Outfit desks with privacy panels that work with your existing desking and panel systems.
  4. Control Onsite Visitors and Guests: Whether it's clients, vendors, cleaners, or even family members, pay special attention to non-employees coming in and out of your building. Write down and share your visitor policy with all employees to make expectations known. Reception areas and conference rooms often see the most guests; take special precautions to make sure that these spaces have the right layout and rules in place.