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Collection Spotlight: NBF Signature Series Westgate

Bringing to mind urban landscapes and artisanal lofts, The Westgate Collection embraces all the hallmarks of the industrial design trend, bringing to mind urban landscapes and artisanal lofts. Each piece makes a bold statement with its oak veneer construction and dark, brooding stain.

The Westgate Collection includes all of the high-quality pieces you would expect in an executive office suite

Bold mesh modesty and back panels bring to mind weathered fences, while nailhead accents add to the collection’s rough and rustic appeal. The delight is in the details, particularly with distressed metal edge banding and coordinating hardware. 

Despite its weathered charm, building a modern office around these pieces is easy. Adjustable-height desk options provide much-needed flexibility for those who'd like to choose their perfect posture, and ample storage solutions promote peak organization. Worksurfaces and hutches include grommets for managing monitors, power cords, and other peripherals.

Explore the Westgate Collection and envision the decadent and distinguished spaces you can create, even under GSA requirements.

5 Reasons Your Furniture Should Be NBF Signature Series

You won’t need to redesign your office often, so it’s important to make it matter when you get the opportunity. According to a study, 76% of office workers between the ages of 18 and 34 and 55% between the ages of 35 and 54 say design and aesthetics influence their impression of a company. 

Between creating a beautiful office, staying within your budget, and getting everything done on time, redesigning office interiors can be a lot to take on. That's why we've created an exclusive line of office furniture that can do it all. Here are 5 reasons you should outfit your office with furniture from the NBF Signature Series collection.

1. NBF Signature Series Collections Are Designed With You in Mind

At NBF, we're constantly on top of the latest and greatest in office design trends. That's why we take the time to carefully curate our NBF Signature Series collections to fit the functional needs and aesthetic wants of customers from a wide range of backgrounds. From the warm wood tones of traditional private offices to industrial-style open-concept workstations, we truly have it all within this well-rounded group of furniture.

2. You'll Get the Most for Your Money

We strive to make NBF Signature Series office furniture both beautiful and affordable. From reception desks that define your first impression to the office chairs that keep you comfortable all day long, we keep cost-effectiveness at the forefront of our designs. After all, everyone deserves a beautiful office, and that includes small businesses and home office workers that simply don't have the budgets of major corporations.

3. This Office Furniture Ships Today

Most items in our NBF Signature Series collection will ship to you the same day you order, so long as you place your order before 3:00pm CST. Be sure to check for the 'Ships Today' icon on the product page if you need your furniture fast. Check out our complete selection of NBF Signature Series furniture that ships today.

4. Superior Customer Service Is Included

Sure, beautiful furniture is great, and affordable furniture is even better. But outfitting an office of any size is no easy feat, and we work hard to provide support every step of the way. From our live virtual showroom to our swatch sample program and in-house design services, we're here to help. Best of all? Our NBF Signature Series furniture is designed just for us, meaning we know the ins and outs of every single piece.

5. NBF Signature Series Furniture Comes With a Lifetime Guarantee

We've been offering the National Business Furniture lifetime guarantee since 1975 and are proud to uphold it today. If there are any problems with the quality or workmanship of your NBF Signature Series furniture, we'll adjust, repair, or replace it to your satisfaction. We also offer easy exchanges and returns to ensure you're completely satisfied with your beautiful new office. 

From the front lobby to the back workroom, we've decked out our NBF Signature Series line with all the furniture you need to outfit an entire office. Whether your goal is to attract new millennial talent, make the most of a small workspace, or create office space for introverts, you can do it all with our classic yet modern line of exclusive office furniture. Shop our full selection of NBF Signature Series office furniture here.

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15 Office Decor Ideas that Start with Choosing a Theme

Building a beautiful office is no small task. With employees spending a large portion of their time at work, creating a home away from home is an integral step in maintaining morale and inspiring great work. Designing your office décor with a theme in mind is an easy way to create a cohesive environment where employees can stay productive and comfortable while they do their tasks. Consider these 15 professional office décor ideas while designing your perfect workspace! 

1. Tie the Room Together

Simplify your office design process by establishing a theme from the start. Pull from your company's branding, use an online generator to find the perfect palette, or search for inspiration using articles, blog posts, and catalogs. Find multiple schemes and styles that complement one another so that every room looks fresh and interesting.

2. Draw the Eye

Draw the eye to something special by choosing a focal point for the room. Smaller spaces may benefit from a special painting or print. Tailor these choices to your industry or brand, if possible. Try to add local color for reception areas and community spaces by featuring scenes from your surrounding area.

3. Feature Fabrics

Consider how your fabric choices relate to your office theme when purchasing upholstered seating. Durable, high-traffic fabrics are often available in on-trend, stylish patterns that can stand up to rigorous use while looking great.

4. Don't Forget the Furniture

Office furniture has come a long way from the drab, cookie-cutter desks of yesteryear. Seek stylish pieces with updated laminate finishes, creative hardware, and interesting configurations. Durable construction from high-quality materials will help your pieces stand up to years of use in a commercial setting.

5. Motivate Your Workplace

Uplift your employees and guests with motivational and inspirational pieces. While well-known quotes are always an option, consider commissioning a print that features your company's mission statement or goal. Vinyl decals are an inexpensive option for a quick, easy-to-adjust reminder of why your company is a great place to work.

6. Go Green

Bring a little bit of the outside world into your office. Choose plants that fit your décor, but consider their maintenance needs—from constant watering to finicky sun requirements—and select a plant that works within your capabilities. An artificial plant is a great choice for low-light areas or no-fuss offices.

7. Take a Seat

Chairs come in all shapes and sizes, making it hard to decide which is the best fit. Outfit team spaces with a variety of options that coordinate with your theme so that spaces don't look stale while employees can choose what works best for them. Provide a few options for employees to choose from so that everybody can find the right combination of ergonomics and style at their desks.

8. Set Some Boundaries

If your office features an open floorplan, build in some flexible privacy for employees. Dividers, both semi-permanent and mobile, can be added to wide-open areas to give your staff a bit of privacy while they work. 

9. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Touchdown spaces help take "bored" out of the boardroom and foster organic, off-the-cuff collaboration between team members. From simple group seating configurations to tech-equipped open-air spaces, a workspace without borders is an easy update for an innovative office.

10. Clear the Clutter

Happiness in the workplace is a multifaceted goal, but a few key components can keep your staff smiling. Keeping clutter at bay is a must—many employees say a messy space is a driver of workplace discomfort. Go for fun, inventive, or cool-looking organizational tools and office supplies to add delight to the little details and clear the clutter. Make it your mission to organize your organization.

11. Set It Down

While seating is often at the forefront of design, it's easy to forget about tables. Choose coordinating pieces that can accommodate anything from a coffee cup to a laptop. Laminate tops are ideal for a surface that won't stain or scuff. For a more multifaceted option, choose soft seating options with pieces that can function as tables, ottomans, or stools.

12. Let Some Light In

Maximize access to windows, skylights, and other sources of natural light so employees can enjoy the happiness-boosting benefits of sunlight. When choosing artificial options for the rest of the space, look for daylight-mimicking bulbs and task lighting that doesn't carry the harsh feeling of fluorescent or LED lights.

13. Where Form Meets Function 

Office storage goes beyond a few desk drawers and drab filing cabinets. Incorporate out-of-the-way options by adding a hutch to a desk or credenza to your conference room. Outfit employees' desks with mobile pedestals that double as extra seating or consider ottomans that include built-in storage beneath the lid.

14. Make It Personal

Feature the fun side of your workplace culture with framed photos from employee outings, volunteer opportunities, and other interoffice activities. Remind employees of what makes your company a great place to work outside of the daily grind. Celebrate successes by displaying awards and accolades in a communal place where everybody can appreciate them.

15. Embrace Employees' Individuality

Allow employees to curate their spaces with personal items, such as photos of family or tokens from back home. While a cohesive theme is a powerful tool for making the whole office shine, straying from the norm helps your staff feel comfortable while spending long hours away from the people, places, and things they love.